Powerful Strategies to Maximize Outsourcing

Powerful Strategies to Maximize Outsourcing

After long deliberation and planning sessions, you and the executive committee have finally decided to outsource some of your business’s tasks to an offshore provider. After selecting the country, you have chosen a foreign company to outsource the biz. Now, you are already drafting a plan for your operational ventures abroad. But, stop for a moment and think about it. Are you really prepared before you rush headfirst into this new venture?

Let me give you a few tips before you start outsourcing.

Plan the Future of Your Enterprise

In the early stages of outsourcing– when BPOs in the Philippines began handling customer service for clients, most company bosses’ made the crucial error of signing up on one-shot deals for their core departments. Maybe they just wanted to save their companies some expenses and agreed to assign CSR to employees in countries that ask for cheaper employment rates. The list goes on.

Whatever their intentions were, their partnership with BPOS in the Philippines and India were not long-term. Soon, those companies have grown and have started to focus on what they can earn should they establish long-term partnerships with their offshore partners. Study and carefully think about this scenario and you’ll appreciate how long-term timetables will do well for you.

What Outsourcing Model Does Your Company Need?

There are different effective business methods out there that you may choose from. However, because you are entering a crucial venture that will definitely cost you money, you really need to consider your options in a very careful manner. The trouble with the changing nature of business is that you will most likely sacrifice money and chances. Below, we’ll highlight two of the most commonly used offshoring methods which you may want to check out.

Is the “Dedicated Team model” Ideal for Your Company?

This popular BPO model is very common in IT and digital companies. It also suits the agile methodology – a system very popular among web and app developers – perfectly. This mode allows companies get the services from a partner with skilled staff in a particular expertise in the industry, say for example, the IT industry. This model is ideal for projects that need grade-A collaboration and team building.

Is the So-Called, “Build-Operate-Transfer Model” Appropriate for Your Business?

This model requires BPO company to partner and work with with the formation, recruitment, and operations of their partner company. Let’s say if a shipping company renders the services of an offshore agency that solely deals with Cargowise One training services, that BPO is required to be directly involved with all the requirements and manpower selection of the company in need. For long-term plans, this is one of the best options to consider.

There are others models, of course. But the two mentioned above are the most used models used by international companies. . Choosing the best one for you requires time to think over. So, since you have decided to go for it, you might as well think about all the gains you can get when you outsource your company’s services. It’s an intelligent move to keep these tips at hand and study your resources to be completely ready for what’s in store for you. This new venture may be the crucial move your company needs to make to be a stronger player in the field.