Be a Social Media Wiz With These Expert Tips

Be a Social Media Wiz With These Expert Tips

Like a good writer, social media content managers from creative solutions services must have knowledge in the art of storytelling. By doing so, you will be able to tap the most powerful form of communication and apply it to your social media marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve your social media results by using techniques from the best in the field.

Use the Element of Surprise in Your Headlines

Put the emphasis on your headline especially the first 10 words. Use witty verbs, astonishing examples, and mind-blowing twists. Try putting the knockout punch of your story in as little as 6 words – then, proceed from that by adding supporting details that hook your reader into reading the entire blog or article.

With the current trend of posting long-form content on sites such as Medium and LinkedIn, marketers have popularized the term “10x content” for copy that gives cutting edge, non-conformist ways of providing solutions. But, even the most informative content won’t catch your readers’ attention without a way to hook them in. So put your focus on the headline or first sentence.

Show How the Results of Course Changing Actions

After catching your readers’ attention, you should keep them hooked with stories that contain human elements – usually a story that features a cause and a dramatic effect, which transforms the main character. If your biz isn’t being thrust forward by momentum on social media, you’re most likely moving backwards. Are you familiar with your core customers? Do you know the stories behind them? How can your company, your products and services improve their lives?

Be Specific

On the Internet, we are bombarded with visual detail: exceptionally cropped and filtered photos, beaches and sunsets, and millions of selfies. In a vast ocean of sensual stimulation, real stories are growing in value. Each sentence counts. When you draft a story structure, the readers must feel and connect your message with their selves.

It may be a somewhat counterintuitive; but, the more detailed and specific you are, the more powerful your story will impact other people. You can also use details to create and a picture of the near future. For example, Arizona State University made a simple inquiry to make their visitors aware of their passion for medical research and milestones: “What will happen if we can diagnose diseases before symptoms even appear?”

Your brand must embody and must be a reflection of your target market’s fleeting but most cherished moments. Your business needs to communicate with clients using the stories built on our shared human experience. To find success in social media, you must be able to maintain a place free of clichés. Authentic people don’t connect with marketing jargon. Millenials, in particular, are always suspicious, and will click out when they see something fake. In this fast paced world, each of your customers’ attention becomes harder and harder to hook. Thus, the art of storytelling brings your customers into your vision and maintains their connection with your brand.