Things Our Industry Can Learn From Tourism

Things Our Industry Can Learn From Tourism

In the world of traditional marketing, it’s quite normal to hit a plateau. We’re always overwhelmed by media, which leads to burnout after constantly trying to go after “what’s hot” and “what’s not.”

These occasional headaches might not be caused just by the volume of content we in creative solutions services are exposed to, but the slim scope we are forced to fit in. Holed up in traditional corporate concerns about finance, tech and other industry topics, it seems like all playing fields have already been covered. It seems like we have nothing left to say.

In order to escape this marketing dead end, consider looking at another industry for a new perspective on what promotions may look like. One good example is how tourism hot spots are constantly working to break old boundaries. And they’ve got lots of techniques that we in technology, logistics and digital security can tap.

Bridging Gaps

Every business experiences the inevitable “off-season.” In tourism, off-season is usually connected to weather and seasons. In tech, down time typically happens based on economic conditions, when product innovation is having a momentary low, or in the periods between major industry shifts. What’s a marketing team going to do during these trying times? The key is to mask the lull and make it appear that it is a peak season and bridge that gap until the market wakes up.

The travel industry knows how to do seasonal manipulation by being able to highlight the perks of off-season travel. From having small crowds to lower ticket costs, off-season travel lets you to do more on a tight budget and the same principles can be embraced by technology.

Learn the Art of Disruption

Disruption is a word that we like to throw around in the technology industry. But, at its most basic, disruption can be used in other businesses too. In the field of tourism, it’s how you engage a larger client base. This is also the case in the world of tech.

Let’s think about a traditional summer break location like Boracay – known for drawing a rowdy millennial crowd. How do you break this stereotype? Disrupt it by highlighting low-key activities that are family-friendly, easy on the budget, and far from the noisy party scene.

Look for a Niche

Most industries somewhat believe that they’ve already have a niche. That’s why you can build a client base and earn from them. The fact, however, is that having a niche and meeting a demand is quite contradicting. Sometimes the market is large enough to allow some competition and you don’t need to exert too much effort. But, in other cases, you need to showcase your unique selling proposition in order to compete.

Marketing isn’t just about funding some ads and drafting some blog posts; it’s about creating a unique spot that draws your market on a regular basis. Think out of the box and gain knowledge from other fields. It’s an important leap that will lead you towards the marketing revolution.

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