Five Offshoring Trends You Should Know

Five Offshoring Trends You Should Know

Offshoring is no stranger to businesses anymore. Companies have embraced offshoring for so many reasons. One of the most notable benefits organisations enjoy with offshoring is its cost effectiveness. Over the years, business demands become more and more complicated and have pushed many trends in the offshoring industry.

Here are the latest trends that will definitely change the way we see organisations embracing offshoring as a strategic move for growth and development.

Offshoring Value-Added Services

Gone are the days when core business processes are the focused tasks being offshored. In a recent study, results show that most organisations offshore their back office services and other value-added tasks. They deliver these processes to their offshore partners for two reasons:

  • Satisfactory performance from offshore partners
  • More savings on operational costs

With this trend, offshore service providers like back office offshoring solutions are now offering more services aside from the ones related to freight operations and logistics. Most value-added services being outsourced are the creatives or the graphics and web development tasks, marketing, payroll and accounting.

New Offshore Locations Emerge

More and more tasks are moving to new offshore locations in Asia and Latin America. With more options to relocate their services, organisations will now see a greater opportunity for business expansion. The Philippines is one of the most popular offshore destinations in Southeast Asia. The country also prides itself of being named as one of the top BPO destinations where foreign organisations jump-start their businesses.

Increasing Collaborative Tool Usage

The use of collaborative tools is seeing an increase — all thanks to offshoring. Many app developers are already working on more tools for communication and collaboration. This trend will lessen the travel expenses of both client and supplier since a clear and constant communication tool is established and paves for a sure method which satisfies both parties.

Entrepreneurs Invest in Outsourcing or Offshoring

Some people are seeing the growing offshoring industry and want to be part of it. Organisations set up one-stop-shops for businesses looking to offshore their processes or services. In a recent market research, there are companies who are offering data entry services, BPO centres, seat and employee leasing, office spaces and marketing tasks. Others also invest in hiring virtual assistants for those who need them. These are living evidences that the offshoring market is as diverse as any other businesses.

Companies Can Get Rid of a Process Completely

Over the years, companies have learned that they can totally let go of some of the processes they are offshoring. Don’t take this the other way — this means that organisations are letting go of smaller processes to be able to put laser focus on what really generates the numbers. Offshoring back office data entry solutions, a trusted partner, has earned many clients who are letting them handle many freight operations-related tasks and processes. With this practice, clients can confidently leave tasks offshore while they take care of the core business processes.

New market demands and business growth constantly deliver new trends for offshoring; and surely, there’s more to come in the near future.