Redesigning Your Website? Meet the Concerned Party

Redesigning Your Website? Meet the Concerned Party

Having a corporate website redesign has become like a need that must be addressed once in a while. It eats the time and effort of the marketing team; and, by the moment the site is finally launched, the people involved with the project end up tired of even taking a look at it.

There is quite a number of different teams within the company who are tasked with the website redesign process than others. However, you need to remember that your website is one of the faces of your company to your external customers; and, since it is so important, it is a very crucial part of your business.

In this article, let’s check on the most important team members who should be part of the website redesign process.

The Offshore Web Development Team

This is quite a general and vague term these days. Is a web developer someone who designs and develops or are they the ones customizing the templates that represent your brand? Is the developer part of the in-house staff or a supplier you have outsourced for the project? Is it a web design agency? At the end of the day, it is the web developer who is actually on the front line of turning the grand scheme into reality.


The marketers are the brains behind your website redesign. The marketing team has identified the reasons for and who is to be targeted by the redesign. Marketers are also in charge of content management and the strategy behind the website, as well as the branding. A crucial error to make is to assume that the marketing team is the one who should solely have any say in the website redesign. Feedback from other departments is also crucial in the project.

Team Sales

These guys know how to sell and how to convert your marketing into profit. They are the ones who know your customers from the frontline. The sales team knows the answers to the questions of the consumer better than the others in the company. They also recognize how the customers’ demands shift from trend to trend.

Higher Management

The executive committee and higher ups hold the authority for the approval on projects like a website redesign. Due of this sole reason it’s not avoidable for leadership to be involved in the redesign of the website. Some bosses will also be more immersed in the project. It’s logical that the hands-on teams will be more involved in the process.


With all these different functions and teams involved in such a crucial project, the most important challenge is to avoid having friction as a team. There should still be a project champion who leads this project and has the final say in what should be in or out in the new website. Although it’s relevant for a business’ website to reach a very wide audience, it will not result in something good if you try so hard to please everyone. Know who is your main target market and the persona of the site early and make any move or decision based on these two factors.

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