Read This to Make Your Facebook Posts GO VIRAL

Read This to Make Your Facebook Posts GO VIRAL

One of the milestones that social media practitioners and Creatives Solutions Services are aiming for is to have their posts go viral. Well, who wouldn’t want to their post to have a wide reach and engagement? Going viral is the holy grail of content marketing, and any business owner marketing their company online wants it. But, there are always challenges along the way.

Let’s outline some steps in making your post go viral.

Let’s get personal

Give your page posts a personal touch and they may go viral. Remember how strong the engagement you receive from your Facebook friends when you post on your profile about:

  • a job promotion
  • getting in a new relationship
  • a newborn baby
  • weightloss
  • graduations
  • personal achievements

Personalizing the posts on your business page may have the same effect. Your fans will connect with those posts on a more empathic and emotional level & they are more likely to “like, comment or share” your posts.

Ask people to share your posts

It is quite tough to make your post garner a large audience on Facebook. The news feed algorithm hides your content to the point that your updates don’t even reach a huge fraction of your followers. So ask family members, friends & customers for help to “share and like” your posts. Sometimes just a little nudge is needed for a post to go viral. In fact people won’t mind granting your small request.

Timing, timing, timing

Like with many things in the field of offshore web development or even in life, TIMING is EVERYTHING. Let me ask you this important question: when should you post on Facebook? Study your Facebook Insights to see when your fans are most active online. After that, test different posts at the most opportune times to see which of your posts gets the most engagement. Continue posting to determine which updates might someday go viral. Your Facebook Insights make it easy to determine the best times to post on your page. Whenever you update your status it is quite critical if you expect lots of people to share your post.

Post a Facebook ad

This is a fact: sometimes you’ll have to spend money to get posts in front of your fans. It may be a pain in the wallet but it is highly necessary, especially with Facebook limiting the reach of your status updates. I’m not saying that you should boost every post. But you may want to boost the important ones – these are your stuff that have the most potential to be shared.  If you are aiming for likes, target people who are not yet fans of your page.  If you are in for engagements, target those who’ve already liked your page. But this varies from case to case, especially if your product targets a wide demographic.


It can sometimes be frustrating since Facebook’s news feed algorithm holds the reigns of what people see. But that’s not too bad to think that now, you’re able to reach an audience on Facebook that didn’t exist before.