What You Need to Know in Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

What You Need to Know in Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

Let me be frank to you about why it may be the right time for you to outsource your business. If you want to prioritize the core functions of growing your business, then it’s about time to have your hands free of burden, and send minor tasks like social media content management to offshore back office solutions. In most of the articles I’ve written for this page, I’ve tackled about how important it is to have a more hands-on approach when it comes to handling your social media pages. But does your business have the luxury of having the time and staff who can fully focus on your social media campaign?

While you are still busy growing your business, sending social media tasks to back office offshore services becomes a practical solution.

Find a consultant who can do the job for you and is also trustworthy

Don’t look at your outsourced social media person as just that guy abroad who “tweets” for your business. This person is in fact responsible for creating the messages your brand will impart to its followers. Anything they post on your social media properties might make or destroy you. Because of all these responsibilities, it’s advisable that you choose a person you can trust with your brand image.

So how do you check if the people you are getting deserve your trust?

Google the company your consultant comes from to check out their rap sheet. Or, you can always go and partner with outsourcers trusted by your industry colleagues.

No matter how far you are from each other, you must have a close working relationship with your supplier

If you aim to make your social media to be the voice of your brand, then you must work closely with your consultant or supplier. Aside from setting scheduled meetings and conferences to talk about your plans, there should be a person who can answer your questions about how social media admin work or marketing is done.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different things going around your social media channels that you and your outsourced partner need to deal with hand-in-hand. But responding to specific customer concerns is something that you might want to handle hands on especially if your company is bound by legal procedures which your consultant may not be familiar with.

Be very vigilant when it comes to monitoring your consultant

No matter how tight you want to work with your outsourced consultant or team, you must always monitor their processes and output. Keep track of the reports and insights they send to make sure that you are receiving them in a timely manner. Aside from that, you must make sure that the people you’ll be working with is very familiar with the industry you belong in.

Also, be meticulous when it comes to checking for errors – something as simple as a typo may create major mishaps in your social media account. Also, your team or consultant should be careful about posting sensitive stuff that may trigger your clients.

The hacks I wrote above are just some things that you need to look into to make sure that outsourcing your business’ social media will be a power tool to increase your productivity and ROI.