Logistics Hacks to Help You Survive the Stress of Shipping and Event Planning

Logistics Hacks to Help You Survive the Stress of Shipping and Event Planning

If your client is planning for an event (a tradeshow for example) that involves a lot of shipping and logistics work, that does not mean you have to panic and stress out. Even if you’re new to the logistics business, you can assist your customers in having a successful event.

As practitioners of back office offshoring solutions handling shipping, freight and logistics for hundreds of new and established clients, we hear those Frequently-Asked-Questions hurled to our way.

So, below is a short list of simple, yet very helpful tips to keep in mind.

Be aware of deadlines.

Make it a habit to regularly double check deadlines so as not to miss out anything. Missed deadlines incur twice or more of the cost.

Review the rules and regulations.

Whether it be a trade show, an event, or just a regular shipment, always study the mechanics.

Aside from comprehending rules and regulations thoroughly, it is also important that you really analyze them.  Does your shipment for the event meet the imposed specific height and volume?  Remember, these rules could differ on each location the deliveries are sent to.

Mark crates for easy find.

Marking your boxes and crates makes them easier to find in case they are misplaced.  Instances like this do happen often. That is the reason you must paint your crates or use colored tapes to set them apart from other transported goods.

Know shipment consolidation.

With each delivery you send out, most venue contractors may charge you minimums for drayage.  The best way to minimize costs is by consolidating your shipments. It’s important to know that.

Don’t ship to the venue, instead ship to a warehouse prior to the event

Shipping to a warehouse in advance instead of sending the goods to the venue directly gives you and your clients the peace of mind that the products are readily available in the venue on the day of the set up.  Shipping directly to the venue may lead to damage or loss especially if the client doesn’t have a dedicated team on standby for monitoring and safekeeping.

Advice clients to have a backup of the files and electronic equipment.

When clients have already spent the time and money on the equipment and materials for the event, the worst thing that could happen is for them not to function.  What’s worse is that crisis management must be done at the very last minute! Always have a back-up plan where there may be a person near the venue who has spare equipment or back-up files should mishaps happen.  Inform the client to have them shipped to the point person prior to the event.

Always have copies of the paperwork at hand

It’s a wise move to have the paperwork and identification sent with the shipment.  This is to make sure that transactions are hassle-free, and all regulations are met.