Keep Your Freight Safe With These Tips

Keep Your Freight Safe With These Tips

Are you aware of how much money your company may lose from lost freight? Lost cargo can add up to millions in losses. As a freighter, your main task is to keep your freight away from harm – from the warehouse until it reaches the doorstep of your client. However, quite too often, goods are left unattended and in a vulnerable state, inviting bad guys to steal your stuff.

Before you lose anything, here are some tips to keep your freight and your business safe:

Do a Background Check on Your People, Including Your Offshore Back Office Solutions Provider

According to reports, most thefts are inside jobs. Those who can access your cargo are in a good position to steal something, or even do something bad to the entire freight. The best way to protect your business from this risk is to do background checks on your staff who have access to your freight or critical info.

Be Strict in Implementing Security Protocols

Give your drivers and freight handlers proper training on how to secure the goods. From parking in lighted places to locking the truck whenever they get out, these protocols must be followed at all times. Also, your drivers should not talk about what they are carrying and where they are going to when talking on the CB or using social media. It is your job to ensure this is not happening.

Also, safety measures need to be extended to trailers. Always check if your drivers and staff always lock trailers. While locks may not stop all types of theft, doing so discourages those who are just looking for a grab‐and‐run crime.

Go and Get GPS Tracking Devices

If your goods are stolen, how will you know where it was and where it is being taken? Invest in some good GPS‐based tracking system to help you resolve this problem. With a tracking device on important mobile assets, trailers or cargo, you’ll get access to info about where the goods are and where they’re heading – all in real time.

Even if a thief does away with the tracker, you can always check the last‐known coordinates so law enforcement professionals can help you get back your stolen goods.

Radio Frequency Identification Is Your Friend

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of those highly crucial technologies that allow you to keep track of where your assets are located. RFID checks radio waves to track your goods through the assembly and distribution process. This process may help protect assets from being lost or stolen – be it in storage or en route to the customer.

Learn to Park Safely

Don’t leave your freight open to thieves. Some problems may not be possible to prevent, but you need to be smart about it. Find a safe place that is gated and has a way for you to monitor the assets. Always strategize your drivers’ trips to lessen waits, if possible; this is another way to avoid risks altogether. Unless the baddies are targeting the product you are about to deliver, majority of thieves are looking for a quick and easy steal.

The most important thing to remember about protecting your freight is to put as many barriers as possible against the robbers. The more obstacles you create, the less likely you will be robbed – this means that your company’s earnings will not be stolen by thieves.