From Call Center Agents to Outsourced Social Media Teams: What Happened?

From Call Center Agents to Outsourced Social Media Teams: What Happened?

If we are going to look back at the past two decades, countries like India and the Philippines entered their offshore back office solutions stage. It turned out to be a blessing for the fresh-out-of college set of Gen Ys and Millenials, as most BPOs were just starting out in these parts of the world.

The Era of Back Office Offshoring Services Begin

Industries such as banking, logistics and transport discovered a lot about the potential of outsourcing their IT and CSR roles to India and the Philippines. At the moment, BPO jobs are at an all-time high and everybody wanted to experience the lower costs and benefits provided by the BPO boom.

And who wouldn’t want to take part? The packages BPOs offered these techy youngsters include better income, edgy and air-conditioned work spaces, a work environment that is global in setting, no uniforms needed and a lot of attractive perks and benefits. What else could the third world youth want at the time, when the prospect of getting a well-paying job was in itself a hurdle to jump?

Being a CSR for a Call Center Was the “In” Thing at the Time

Then, the Indians and the Pinoys were able to achieve world-class standards of customer service, which proved to be crucial for the survival of the BPOs in the region. That was before social media came.

When the new decade came, BPOs started appearing throughout the Asian region. The Customer Service Providers (CSRs) in these countries were thoroughly trained in people skills and were among the best CSRs in the world.

Enter the New Phase: Social Media and Digital Marketing

In the middle of the 2010s, we are caught in an age where social media has a grip on almost everything. But, no matter what happens, it still boils down to good customer service. The social media wing of customer service has become more aggressive in the past few years. Still, businesses must be able to give a satisfying customer experience to their clients not only to beat the competitors but also to thrive.

Businesses are now maximizing the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram so customers can interact and engage with them, place complaints, or simply review their products.

At the moment, Facebook is one of the best good mediums to use for digital marketing, as well as handle customer care concerns. Customers who have Facebook access may vent their frustrations or get customer care at times where regular customer service outlets can’t give help in real time.

At the Age of Social Media, Customer Service Is Still King

In the age of digital marketing and social media, it’s still important to be timely in providing customer service. And, companies must be able to be proactive and ingenious in providing the best solutions for their customers. A frustrated customer might share his adverse experience with your business to their social media groups, which could be hard to control. By utilizing social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to provide the best customer experience to your clients, you can ensure more satisfaction and profit growth.