3 Web Design Trends to Improve Your Website

3 Web Design Trends to Improve Your Website

How people use the internet changes how Creative Solutions Services design websites. Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as the trend towards interactive design push designers to find ways to maximize web experiences to suit the devices people use.

Below are some trends that respond directly to the evolving ways people move through the web.

Let’s check some factors that are shaping the world of web design today and probably tomorrow.

The move towards microinteractions

From pressing the power button of your desktop to liking a photo on Instagram, people all perform tons of single-action tasks daily— without much thought. These types of engagement are called microinteractions.

Well thought of microinteractions may be defining because, they’re often very powerful despite their simplicity. Pinning an inspirational photo, liking a witty status, and sharing memes have become so common we don’t even need to name the websites that birthed them.

Done correctly, microinteractions offer an intuitive way to interact with websites.

As web designers streamline web experiences, more microinteractions will be created to help simplify actions taken.

Images > Text?

Written content is king when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, but with every piece of content you add to the site, there are things that you may need to consider: is there a more engaging, concise, and shareable way of conveying this idea?

Text works best for removing the ambiguity that visual methods of communication are prone to. But images make your content more engaging and attractive.

As web design adapts to this fast paced world, the importance of high-quality images increases. Solid copy strengthens any website, but if it can be said with a photo, animation, or short video, it might be a really good idea to do so (eg. Memes).

If you want to design and publish in an accessible way that suits every user’s experience, make sure that you pair visual and written content.

The spectacle of product explainer videos

Since the birth of Youtube and other video sharing sites, this trend continues to grow. But their importance will only evolve in the coming years.

Usually lasting for around three to five minutes, product explainer videos offer a quick, concise way to market and show the specs and virtues of a given product. With informative voiceovers and attractive graphics to match, product explainer videos can work for companies to let people know why their products or services are worth the money.

One thing brands will have to keep in mind when using such videos is their inaccessibility to some audiences if there are no captions.

Following web design trends may lead to the success of your site

The web is abundant with innovative design and content approaches that Offshore Web Development teams can use to improve their and their clients’ websites. However, do not follow trends just because they’re the “in” thing at the moment. Trends maybe popular, but make sure what you follow is the best for your users.

Trends are nothing more than additional tools in your toolbox— always pick the right ones for the job.