Tips on Saving Your Facebook Page

Tips on Saving Your Facebook Page

While Facebook marketing is generally considered one of the more effective marketing avenues, it’s also among the hardest to master. In fact, one survey found that close to 50% of marketers consider it the most difficult inbound marketing channel compared to email or blogging.

When your Facebook efforts are beginning to crumble, what do you do?

Instead of throwing the towel, consider improving your efforts instead. It’s never too late to fix a failing Facebook Page and turn it into a reliable traffic and lead generator.

Know the Reasons of Failure

The next step in troubleshooting a dying page is to understand just why your Facebook Page is not producing the results you’re looking for.  Be careful not to look for symptoms, but target the disease instead.

In other words, things like “My Page doesn’t generate traffic” or “No one’s interacting with my content” are not reasons to give up. “My followers don’t match my target audience” or “my content doesn’t seem to provide actual value,” however, are.

Check Your Resources

Try to diagnose exactly what resources you currently put into the Page. These resources could range from your advertising budget to your time commitment. Then, try to determine whether these resources will be feasible to invest into the same project, but, with hopefully more success, moving forward.

This type of resource analysis is absolutely critical for any successful marketing planning . You can only develop and execute a successful strategy if you know what you can invest into it. The current challenges you may be facing on your page may be as simple as not investing the time needed to succeed, and this step should help you rectify that issue.

Give Importance to Audience and Demographics

If you have a Facebook Page, you probably have followers. They might be few, but still tend to exhibit a common set of demographics and characteristics – and you can check those using Facebook’s free Insights tool.

Your first goal is to make sure that your current audience on the network matches up with your ideal target audience. The second goal, of course, is to understand how to match the two, and provide an experience that your audience is actually looking for.

Strategize My Friend

Based on what I’ve mentioned above, it’s time to build your content strategy going forward. Facebook marketing ultimately depends entirely on the right content – engagement follows if you can provide tangible value to your followers (click, like, and comment). This means they’ll be more likely to see your future posts thanks to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

Considering you should post on Facebook at least once a day for maximum engagement, coming up with reliably relevant and high-quality content may at times be difficult. That’s why you absolutely need a content calendar to help you plan out your posts – ensuring that you’ll get a good mix of videos, pictures, links, and other types of posts.

It’s never too late to revive your Facebook Page. The above steps should help get you there, but they do require work and expertise on the network. So don’t be caught empty handed. Start putting in the time and effort now to make your page deliver the results that you want.

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