Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaigns Are Major Epic Fails

Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaigns Are Major Epic Fails

You have spent a huge amount of effort and money from your marketing budget, as well as invested a lot of time on your social media marketing, however you may not be getting the gains you’ve expected to hit. You’ve know that companies are making money by using sponsored social media posts, but yours are always falling short. Before you decide to kill your social media marketing campaign, take time to analyze what’s really going on and make the necessary changes. When you are doing an assessment on what works, be sure not to forget the basics of social media marketing. Check all the critical areas and every important detail. Not giving time to do some basic steps could be the reason why your campaigns are turning up as flops. Keep in mind to create a social media strategy followed by engaging content.

You fail at distinguishing your target market

Let me get this straight, who are your social media followers? Are they millennials or are they people above forty? Do you cater to males or females? The content that creates on your social media pages should fall under the interests of your target audience. But you need to identify them first. If you’re not sure, spend some time checking out the analytics and insights of your page. If you don’t know your audience, be prepared to accept that your campaign will fall short of expectations.

You don’t have a clear grasp of data and analytics

What posts are creating engagement better with your target audience? Do they like infographics, gif or video content best? Out of the content your team have posted, what generated the highest reach, likes and shares? If your followers find it fun to engage with pictures, but do not seem interested in comment threads, Instagram may be a good platform for your campaign. Measure the engagement then target your audience accordingly. Also, be sure to be familiar with other tools aside from your FB insights. Know how to use Google Analytics and other listening tools. Check how much traffic is being generated from your social media to your main page and check which content get the most shares or likes.

You are not good in content placement

Are so busy churning out that well-researched blog or editing those Instagram photos but see little to zero results? Your target audience may not be fond of blogs or are into Instagram. If this is the case, check if your fanbs are more inclined to use Facebook. This may be a golden opportunity that you might have overlooked as you are too busy with Pinterest and Instagram. Find out where your client prospects are hanging out, be there and see your engagement reach new levels.

Using the wrong platforms to spread the message

There are a lot of social media platforms available now that may leave you confused on what to use, and a lot of businesses fail to utilize the ones that may work best for them. Before you embrace that new social media trend, know first which social networks are going to bring in a bigger audience for you, and focus on how to target them best with paid posts. Be committed in using the tools on your ideal platform and master how to turn them into engagement.

You have bland and boring content

Is your content even worth liking? The best thing to do is to create content that focus on the benefits of your products that will provide solutions to the problems of your target audience. Quit putting out so much effort creating content that your customers are not even interested in. Think about this: if you don’t like the content your sharing, why post it for others in the first place?

Not using influencers to market your goods

One of the best ways to tap people that a lot of brands are forgetting to do is influencer marketing. When you match the correct product or service with a suitable influencer, you can get you’re the goods in the front end of a large potential market. Though research today show that using influencers is one of the top methods of creating brand recall and awareness, it still needs to have the correct content and campaign to get that ROI.

Creative solutions services utilize social media influencer marketing almost exclusively to promote their client’s brand. However, don’t just look at the influencers number of followers. Check if their followers are very loyal and are highly engaged. With such followers, you can be sure that they will check out the products being introduced by the influencer they trust.