Meme Marketing and How It Helps Revive Your Organic Reach

Meme Marketing and How It Helps Revive Your Organic Reach

Some people view “meme-ing” as an art, while some view it as total rubbish. The way how I see memes fall in the middle, but we can all say that we can learn a thing or two from memes. For those of us in creative solutions services, memes have a powerful influence on tapping the engagement of the masses. And in the content marketing industry, that’s means cold cash.

In this article, let’s talk about the things we may learn from going into the dank, the savage and the weird side of Facebook. If you’ve got the heart to do it, I highly suggest that you start a meme page or 2 for you to explore and play with. With less limitations of what you may put in the page, it’s a great testing ground in advancing your social media prowess. It may sound weird at first but soon you’ll discover the magic of memes.

Meme pages teach you to put importance on user generated content

Featuring fan content from time to time creates user loyalty. It is not only the featured users who enjoy it, but it sends a positive signal to the rest of your fan-base. It shows that they have a chance to be showcased and that you are aware that they are there. This format is currently a thing on Instagram, particularly in travel circles. By consistently using your brand’s hashtag, you get bigger chances to get regrammed. This is good particularly for smaller or new companies to boost their credibility.

Show some love to your loyal fans

Truth be told, it only takes 1000 true fans to make it big in the social media game. It’s been tried and tested over and over and is true. The same goes with meme marketing.

For those of you who are part of online communities, it is advisable to turn the most loyal and trustworthy fans into moderators.

Get feedback on their user experience with your page. See what they like about your content, and what they hate. Be close with them and add their personal Facebook accounts.

Win the battle of algorithm by being diverse in terms of content

Facebook is evolving to the point that our newsfeeds are being bombarded by notifications. What’s worse is that some of them are not even relevant. Facebook tried to solve this through algorithm post sorting. To beat the growing more intelligent each day Facebook AIs, you would need to post diverse sorts of content that will enable you to still show up on your fans’ newsfeeds.

Recycle, reuse and repost hardworking content

When we use the term reuse and repost, we mean micro-content. Use clips of long videos and post these on your page. Use key quotes from longer videos and put them on images as memes. Through repetition, your message will strike a chord within your fans. Also, you’d be able to create more content without breaking a sweat.

I can also say the same with reposting old content. Always review the performance of your content at the end of each month and look at those who show a lot of engagement. Keep tag of these posts and reuse them in the future. Here comes the tricky part. Be careful with timing. Repost content too early and people may lose interest on your page, repost them too late and they may become stale and irrelevant. Majority of blogs and Facebook pages do this. Once you have built a strong following, even old content can drive a lot of engagement.

Meme marketing is more effective than it looks

Lots of digital marketing experts have noticed the potential of using memes to market. Meme marketing is one of the ways why organic reach is still possible. To tell you the truth, now is the right time for “memers” or “meme creators” to monetize and earn from their dank AF talents.