Key Principles in Outsourcing

Key Principles in Outsourcing

The relationship between companies and the outsource partners plays a vital role in the success of the business — such relationships needs to be maintained and taken care of. Based from experience in offshoring back office data entry solutions, we have discovered these principles that would help you out in getting a good client-provider partnership.

Trust is earned, not demanded

This is at the top of the principle list. The only reason for this is because prior to starting your partnership with your cargowise data entry services provider, you must establish a mutual trust. This includes being transparent to each other and making sure that each one understands what the other wants to be accomplished. This will allow confidence to be developed in both parties — client and provider. With this, you become comfortable in sharing business strategies and plans to ensure both successes.

Set SMART Goals and expectations

Clients and providers need to establish smart goals and expectations to avoid disappointment and failure. This is the most common reason why businesses fail in offshoring. Proper expectation is not set, goals are not realistic and everyone is on a different page. This should be done on the early stage of the outsourcing process. Business plans and strategies should be discussed so everyone knows what needs to be done, how and when should it be done. Having a clear and smart goal will totally help you achieve it easier.

Teamwork wins. Always

Business should look at outsourcing as a team effort. If you come to think of it, the outsource provider you chose is still an integral part of your team. It is a fact that in the early stage, there is domination from client over the provider. This happens all the time but once the partnership is sealed between the two, there should be balance of power. This is not a competition. Both parties have to work collaboratively toward a win-win solution — something that everyone would benefit from.


Communication is as important as teamwork. Transparency is something that you might need to look into since partnerships work best with it. You have to create a room for everyone to be able to express and be heard. Listen to good and bad news, brainstorm new business plans and approaches and be objective. When problems arise, take a look at it at different points of view to come up with a favourable solution.

Be on the same page as everyone else

This sums up all of the above principles. Both client and provider have to be on the same page to ensure that goals and objectives are met and achieved. This will help you see which part of the progress board you are at on the business level. This also allows problems to be discovered and solutions to be created. Always remember, both client and provider are toward one single goal, which is to succeed. You need to make sure each one helps in the realisation of this goal.