Evergreen: The Art of Writing Timeless and Hardworking Content

Evergreen: The Art of Writing Timeless and Hardworking Content

Evergreen is a word we love to throw around in creative solutions services. The layman’s primary definition of the word is a plant that remains green the whole year round. It remains strong and alive, no matter the season, and it weathers the changes it encounters — just like quality blog or social media content.

Define Evergreen Content

When you say that content is “evergreen,” you are describing an article, post or material that can stand the test of time. Evergreen content remains popular and up-to-date no matter what time of the year you post it since your target audience remains interested in this particular topic, and the way you were able to deliver your content corresponds to your audience’s standards and needs throughout the year.

These types of content don’t have an expiration date, is well suited and designed for effective search engine marketing and maintains your expertise as a trusted advisor for quite a long time. Readers will keep on looking for some particular keywords connected to your niche, and they will often find your best posts whenever they type those keywords in the search bar of Google. Even if you don’t create new content regularly, these articles will still get huge traffic, thanks to evergreen content.

Evergreen content comes in different forms. The most popular come in the form of articles, infographics and even memes. Some are written using layman’s terms, and others look and sound like they come from the academe.

Targeted for Beginners

Majority of all people who search through Google are looking for tips on subjects they are curious about. When you want to learn something new such as a skill, you are categorized as a beginner. Even if you have a background on your topic of interest, you’d still need information to validate things or to keep you updated.

Always remember that majority of the individuals who end up reading your blog have no idea about what you’ve written in the past. They landed on your article because the title led them to it through the help of search engines.

Be an Expert

One of the main aspects you’d see in evergreen content is that it’s referable. That may not be always be true if you are discussing fun topics for a wider and general audience. But you must always show that you know what you are talking about and you are an authority on it.

Easy-to-Follow Format

If your aim is to compose an evergreen piece, then you have to write it in a style that is embraced by a majority of your audience. Some may think that your award-winning essay may even be a total bore.

Since most people right now are visual learners, you shouldn’t just focus on written text. Try using videos, images, infographics and other forms of appealing content from time to time.

Go Back to Your Posts

You have to look back and check your most successful evergreen articles on your blog and keep their freshness rating high. If you were able to select the most appropriate topics and you wrote that article with the intent to keep it popular for a long time, then the posts won’t be needing facelifts any time soon. However, you should always keep them updated whenever necessary. Keep in mind that you also need to share the updates in social media so that it will draw in more views and engagement.

Lastly, do not bury your evergreen content with unpopular posts. Remember to share them from time to time and let them take your metrics to brand new heights.