Best Apps to Use if You’re in the Freight or Shipping Scene

Best Apps to Use if You’re in the Freight or Shipping Scene

There are hundreds of mobile apps out there that can help make the lives of forwarders, carriers, freighters, and even offshore back office solutions providers worldwide easier to handle.  With all these apps to choose from, I’d like to share my favorite iPhone apps for freight brokers, agents and forwarders.

If you are a freight broker, truck broker, logistics broker, or freight agent, these apps may save you time and provide ease and convenience!

ITS Broker

This app is powered by Internet Truckstop and makes it easy for you to access your load board account to search for trucks, as well as posting loads while you are away from your desktop. ITS Broker gets the job done and Internet Truckstop is still a very popular load board for both freight brokers and truck brokers.

Getloaded powers and it, too, allows you to access your load board account from your phone. If you are going to post a load, search for an available truck, or even access premium features, such as Rate Index, Credit Info and/or PC Miler data – this app allows you to quickly and easily get the answers anytime, anywhere.

MyRadar Weather Radar

As a freight broker or agent, knowing weather forecasts is very crucial. This app can predict and understand weather patterns that could cause potential service issues.  In fact, there are dozens of weather phone apps – and there are several good ones out there. But, this app is starting to become everyone’s favorite, primarily due to its speed and the way it allows you to have multiple weather overlays.


This is a free app that allows you to remember ideas and content and stay organized across multiple devices.  Some really cool features of this app allow you to capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and take notes.  If you do a lot of reading and research and have a hard time remembering where you put your articles, this is the app for you.  With Evernote, your problem is solved.

Google Maps

Because of its ease of use and the new voice-guided navigation features, all I can say is this app is really crucial if you are part of the industry. Other features, such as the ability to Search and My locations only help to make this app the real deal. So, if you’re a freight broker, freight agent, truck driver or just another smartphone user, this is definitely something you need to have on your phone.

Smartphones and tablets are definitely here to stay – and, with millions of apps already released, and thousands more being released weekly, the options you have to make your jobs easier are limitless.  With this in mind, having the right mobile app can help both business owners and consumers save valuable time, money and help them avoid getting frustrated. So what’s your favorite app? How does it help in boosting your freight biz?