Amazing Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Instagram

Amazing Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Instagram

Today, it is logical that your business needs to have an Instagram account. With more than hundreds of millions of users across the globe, it’s a social media channel that gives you an awesome marketing medium to tap potential customers from across the planet.

For your business to improve your Instagram marketing, you need to give your back office offshoring solutions the task to increase your fans. The reason for this is the more followers that see your brand and follow your IG account, the bigger your audience, which you can tap whenever you post.

Here are some easy ways that will help you in growing your Instagram account consistently:

Use Instagram’s Tools

Together with the contact option, your business profile provides access to insights and analytics, giving your content manager access to stats and data linked to engagement. If you have an Instagram account for your business, you might even consider changing your personal profile to a business one in order to be able to use these options. The more you know how your followers are engaging with your content, the better you can personalize your post to create more interaction.

Engage With Your Followers

If someone leaves a comment on your post, take your time to thank and answer them. That simple reply can turn them into a loyal customer, as well as a voluntary brand promoter.

Also, find ways to get your fans to engage with your posts. A common strategy is, “Tag your friends that will enjoy this post.” This can quickly place your brand in front of a bigger audience, as well as hook new followers. Since they are being tagged to your Instagram profile through a person they know, there will be less resistance.

Maximize the #Hashtag

Creating a hashtag (#) is a popular way to engage people with your brand — just be sure that you are using hashtags the right way. An easy strategy we often use is to create a hashtag that people use to tag photos of them with the product they just bought.

Every time someone uses your hashtag, they are introducing your business to a bigger following.

Share and Repurpose Content

If you are finding it challenging to create enough content to please your followers, consider cross-posting content from other relevant IG accounts. However, be sure to tag and credit the source.

There are lots of apps available that grab Instagram photos and save them to your camera roll, making everything easy to repost. Cross-post content from accounts that have a following that you would like to get in front of. Also the other accounts you repurpose will be grateful and also cross post your content.

Be Creative

Being creative with the photos you use in your Instagram page is a fantastic way to reach your followers – they are more effective than just posting photos. And usually people share photos that tickle their fancies on Instagram or social media.