A Guide to Successfully Managed Offshore Teams

A Guide to Successfully Managed Offshore Teams

Offshoring is not new to companies nowadays. Many companies have decided to offshore some of their businesses to other countries for the reason of increasing their organization’s productivity and reducing operational cost. Companies in the shipping industries, for example, are seeking help from offshoring back office data entry solutions centers. If it happened that you belong to these many companies who have switched to offshoring and was given the task to manage an offshore team, here’s a list of tips that might help you out in successfully managing your team and achieving your organization’s goal.

Know your team

It is rather essential that you know who you are working with. This is the first step in getting harmonious relationship with the people in your team. Success is achieved easier when there is understanding within the team. Knowing who you are going to work with would help you create action plans and strategies to carry out your objectives.

Set proper expectations on day 1

Success is measured when you carry out and meet all your objectives and goals. This can only be achieved if your team knows what are expected from them. Your team should know what your objectives are. Always make sure your team is updated for changes. This is also a way of making sure that you and your team are looking at the same page. This way, you take your organization and your team on the journey to success.

Communication is key

Effective and constant communication is really the key. All relationships work because of good and comprehensive communication. Always be transparent and take time to talk to your team, so you know what works and what needs improvement. This is eliminating the possible failure of the business by ensuring all parts of your machine (your team, your action plans and strategies) work.

Develop an open-door environment

Listen and be heard. This is a principle that works all the time. Provide your team a chance to have their voice be heard. Gather their feedback, pain points or even their suggestions. Brainstorm new action plans with the team and engage them in all activities so it becomes a collaborative effort.

Teamwork achieves more

Speaking of collaborative effort, teamwork always wins. Remember that back office offshoring solutions is not a one-man show. You have to work with your people so you can all achieve your goals.

Respect differences and value diversity

For any relationship to work, may it be employee-employer or even one as simple as friendship, respect is really important. Understand that everyone is different and unique; this would help you manage your team. In the first place, you and your team are not of the same location. Adjustment is crucial. That is why number 1 in this list is knowing your team. Time difference is one huge factor in the offshoring industry. You can request for a work to be done at the end of your shift and return the next morning with the task done by your offshore team. Respect your offshore team’s culture as well. We find value in ourselves if we or part of who we are is appreciated. Take note of holiday schedules and adjust your timelines to meet your goals without compromising your relationship with your team. Like you, they have lives too, and they want to enjoy it as much as you enjoy yours. You don’t want to wake up one day with all the unfinished tasks at hand because your offshore has decided to bail out from you.

Switching to offshoring is not just a business agreement; this is a partnership you are going to signed up for. And for the business to be successful, you have to take care not only of your business but also your offshore partner.