A Few Social Media Tricks You May Not Know

A Few Social Media Tricks You May Not Know

As someone working for creative solution services, I handle the social media accounts of various clients. Throughout my years of experience, I’ve learned a lot of useful tricks that business owners like you can use. These social media hacks are very easy to do. And, they can help you engage with your followers and tap prospective clients.

View What People Who Visit Your Business Post on Instagram

Even if you haven’t set up an Instagram account for your venue, there’s a good possibility that your clients are posting photos from the location of your business. This is a fantastic way to see what clients are saying about your business.

With the hype still strong for #foodporn, this could be highly critical for restos, food trucks, or other fast food businesses.

Strengthen Your Branding Through Twitter

Hitting your goals in today’s extremely busy online world requires that you are always unique and different from your competition. You can do this by delivering a distinct brand positioning – this is particularly true in social media. Being consistent in terms of branding builds your brand image. it’s also an easy way to strengthen your brand.

You can use a “branded” wallpaper on Twitter that highlights your professional appearance. If you don’t have such wallpaper to use, there are lots of wallpapers in Twitter that you can use that matches your personality.

Always use a color theme that matches your business and the brand image you’re trying to project.

Let People Get Professional Updates Through Linkedin

Through this social media site, there are not too many of options available to show off your wacky and creative side. But, you can create an impact with company updates by using this strategy: Use rich media!  While most of your competition who lurk on LinkedIn are only sharing links, be more compelling by posting YouTube videos, images, or Slideshare presentations. All of these content will help you beat the rest and look visually stunning as they appear on people’s LinkedIn feed.

Not only will your content be more compelling than others, there is a better chance for your content to generate engagement if you use rich media. Based on research and experience, links to YouTube videos result in up to 80% in shares and up to 90% chances of getting comments from your followers.

Hunt for Prospective Clients via Pinterest

Pinterest is known for its powerful ability to enhance search engine optimization. While utilizing the search engine privacy may seem good for your personal Pinterest account, brands should always keep this option “off.” This lets search engines like Google and Yahoo to put your Pinterest profile in their search engine results.

Don’t turn the search setting “on” so prospective clients will find you on search engines. This will allow your brand’s Pinterest profile to appear in search engines and is a truly powerful method for prospective clients to find your business. Also if you are going to do this tip, always use your business keywords to truly maximize Pinterest’s SEO capabilities.